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Our History



Over the years, three Baptist churches have met in Eyemouth. 


George MacLean pastored the first congregation from 1807-36. After a brief interval, the Baptist church was renewed in 1842 and continued until 1879. Dr. William Landels (1823-99), one of Eyemouth’s greatest sons, was a Baptist minister. Born and reared in the town, he went on to pastor several churches—his first in Fife, his last in Edinburgh. While a minister in London (1855-83), he preached each week at the influential Regent's Park Baptist Church.

In 1964, the Rev. Kenneth Bender arrived in the Borders as part of an evangelical initiative organized by the Scottish evangelist Dr. James Stewart.  One of the results of this initiative was the founding of the Eyemouth Free Baptist Church.  Its first official services were held in October 1969.  The Rev. Bender served as pastor of the church through its early years until 1978.






After several years of faithful service the Rev. Ritchie retired in 2000, and the current minister Rev. Stephen Bender was inducted as pastor of the church.  The church’s third and current building was completed in 2019 in testimony to God’s faithfulness.

Over the years God has used this ministry to challenge many individuals to a life of service as Christian youth workers, church workers, or missionaries both throughout the British Isles and around the world.  We give testimony to the Lord for His faithfulness down through the years and for His continued hand of blessing.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” 

(Zechariah 4:6)

From 1978-82 the Rev. Wilbert Dunn served as pastor during which time a formal church constitution was drawn up and implemented.  Under his ministry, the congregation outgrew its original building and met for services in the Eyemouth Community Centre until a new building could be constructed.

After the Rev. Dunn moved to a post in Northern Ireland, there was a period of vacancy until the Rev. Jack Anderson came in 1985. He served from 1985-88 and, under his leadership, the second church building was erected due in no small part to God’s gracious provision.

In 1988 Rev. Anderson accepted a post at a church in Fife, and the Rev. Alex Ritchie became the church’s fourth pastor in 1991.

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